Bizarre Traffic Laws Around the World

Generally, laws establish order and make places safer to live and thrive. But what happens when laws don’t make sense? Check out these bizarre traffic laws that will have you scratching your head! What’s the weirdest law you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments.

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United States

In Denver, Colorado, you cannot drive a black car on Sundays.

In California:
1.Women are prohibited from wearing a bathrobe while driving.

2.It’s illegal to shoot at wild game from a moving vehicle, unless your target is a whale.

In Milford, Massachusetts, you’re not allowed to peep into another car’s window.

In Alabama, you’re not to operate a vehicle barefooted or blindfolded.


In Singapore, it’s against the law for a driver to come within 50 meters (approximately 164 ft.) of a pedestrian.

In Thailand, shirts are required when driving.

In Japan, if you splash muddy water on a pedestrian while driving, you will be heavily fined.


In Switzerland, you can’t wash your car on Sunday.

In Russia/Romania, you’ll be fined if you’re driving a dirty car.

In Spain, if you don’t have extra pair of glasses in the car at all times, even if you’re already wearing a pair, it is against the law.