SUVs, Crossovers Beat Out Sedans for “Most Popular” Title

Chances are an SUV or crossover vehicle just passed you on the road. Perhaps even while you were driving an SUV or crossover yourself. Why are we willing to go out on a limb with this? Because SUVs and crossover vehicles have overtaken sedans as the most popular vehicle body style in the U.S., according to analysis of new vehicle retail registrations by IHS Automotive. In fact, SUVs and crossovers now account for 36.5% of the new vehicle market versus 35.4% for sedans.

The Jeep Cherokee, among others, is credited with being a “key” driver in the growth of the SUV and crossover segment. According to the study, consumers appreciate such attributes as a higher seating position, higher ground clearance, more interior space, and towing capacity.

Jeep Cherokee

Interestingly, even as little as 5 years ago, sedans held the number one spot with 36.3%, while SUVs and crossovers accounted for 31.4%.

“The sedan no longer holds the dominant position it once did,” said IHS Automotive in a statement. “Through the first five months of 2014, the most popular body style in the industry among individual consumers has been SUVs and crossovers.”

Beside the Cherokee, check out some of our popular SUVs and crossover vehicles!


Kia Sorento


Kia Sportage

Kia Soul

Mitsubishi Outlander


Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Dodge Durango

2014 Dodge Journey Limited

Dodge Journey

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Jeep Compass


Jeep Patriot

The K900 Arrives at Jim Shorkey Kia! has added the 2015 Kia K900 to its reputable list of “Must Test Drive” vehicles. The K900 is Kia’s first premium world-class rear-wheel drive luxury sedan, and it’s making its debut with a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that delivers an outstanding 420 horsepower and 376lbs.-ft torque, mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission. (Later in the model year, Kia will introduce a 3-11-horsepower V-6 model to the K900 lineup).


If that isn’t enough to spark your ignition, maybe the amenities will. The standard features of the K900 are designed for comfort and convenience. These amenities include headed and ventilated front seats, power tilt/telescoping steering wheel and 12-way power adjustable seats. The comfort doesn’t stop with just the driver. The passengers can also enjoy the lap of luxury in the backseat with their own climate controls, heated seats, rear sunshade, and a center console with a USB port. (If you wanted to spoil your passenger a little bit more, the VIP Rear Seat package also adds reclining and ventilated rear seats!)

Still not enough? Lets talk technology. The K900 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, 17-speaker Lexicon 900-watt audio system, satellite and HD radio, a 9.2 – inch center screen that displays the standard navigation system and Driver Information Systems infotainment functions, front and rear camera display, and front and rear parking sensors with Park Guide System (PGS).

The luxury experience continues behind the wheel as you drive. The K900 offers smooth and effortless power, launching the car from 0 to 60 mph in 5.5 seconds, all while isolating passengers from bumps, ruts, wind, and road noises.

Stop by Jim Shorkey Kia and challenge the luxury you know by test driving the new 2015 Kia K900. Check out our K900 photo gallery below!

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084 078 076


118 107

For One Month, Let’s All be Futbol Fans

#BECOMEAFAN of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil AND of the new 2015 Kia Sorento. Kia is the official automotive partner of this year’s Futbol World Cup, or as we like to call it, “soccer.” Kia Motors has brought back the 2012 “Drive the Dream” super bowl commercial with Brazilian supermodel, Adriana Lima, to help the hype of the 2014 World Cup. In a series of commercials, Lima travels in her 2015 Kia Sorrento to help turn “casual fans” into living, breathing, goal-screaming futbol fans.

Check out the Sorento commercials below and then browse our inventory! What do you love about the Sorento?

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Siri, Take the Wheel: Apple’s new infotainment system revealed

Apple continued to dominate the tech-savvy mainstream last week by unveiling its CarPlay infotainment system at the Geneva Motor Show. While the system hasn’t made its way into any current vehicle on the market, it will debut later this year in some Volvo, Ferrari, and Mercedes-Benz models. Apple also claims to be working on future deals with Kia and an assortment of other vehicles.

In operation, drivers can connect their Lightning-equipped iPhone via a hardline, allowing for charging while pushing phone operations to the on-board infotainment system. A steering wheel-mounted voice control button can activate Siri, though users can also interface with iOS 7-inspired controls if a car comes equipped with a touchscreen. According to Apple, CarPlay can access all knobs, buttons, and dials controlling an in-car display. Further, drivers can place phone calls, listen to voice mail messages, access contacts, and have Siri read text messages. Mapping is also integrated into CarPlay, including turn-by-turn directions that show up on the car’s screen.

Entertainment options include access to an iPhone’s music library, podcasts, audiobooks, iTunes Radio, and music streaming apps like Spotify, Beats Music, and iHeartRadio. CarPlay will also come as an update to iOS 7 and works with Lightning-enabled iPhones, including the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, and iPhone 5.

The system is garnering mixed reviews. Those none-to-pleased with the juicy fruit’s new system are safety advocates. They argue distracted driving is a huge concern on modern roads with more vehicles allowing drivers to use their smartphones through Bluetooth and infotainment systems. A Texas A&M study found that drivers’ reaction time doubled while dictating text messages, according to CNN Money. They believe this new technology is certainly not making drivers pay more attention to the road.

Conversely, Apple knows that inattentive drivers are a major cause of concern and addressed it in their press release, saying: “CarPlay lets drivers use their iPhone in the car with minimized distraction.” Still, none of the models with the tech are available yet. It’s hard to make quality judgments until it is actually on the road.

Check out these images of the CarPlay, courtesy of Apple. Then let us know, would you want CarPlay in your vehicle?

14.03.03-CarPlay 14.03.03-CarPlay-3 14.03.03-CarPlay-2