Helping the Community: Announcing the 4th annual Drive for the Kids™ event

What do you get when you add a Chrysler Town and Country, Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group, and HW Good Elementary School in Herminie? Hint: It’s not a trick question!

You get our 4th annual Drive for the Kids™ event, of course! The festivities will be held Friday, April 11 from 6 pm–8 pm at HW Good Elementary School on Herminie West Newton Road in Herminie. The concept is simple: Chrysler will donate $10 to the school for every Town and Country test drive. Last year, we were fortunate enough to help fundraise over $1,000, and we are hoping to not only meet but exceed that mark this year.

Why should you participate in Drive for the Kids™? Everyone knows schools are chronically under-funded for student enrichment and extracurricular activities; and parents are often called upon to make up the short fall. Chrysler recognized this need, and in 1993, implemented the program—making it possible for Chrysler dealerships, such as ourself, to work with parents and educators in support of our community’s children. Over the lifetime of the program, Chrysler has made direct cash contributions totaling over $4.5 million to local schools.

Still have some questions? Check out our very own Beth Robosky for more details below. Then check out video from Chrysler explaining this unique fundraising concept.