Top Car Add-Ons People Can’t Live Without

Customizing a car to your liking is a must! From GPS Navigation to satellite radio, the add-on options are endless! Below is a list of top car add-ons.

GPS Navigation. Always know where you are going! Navigation systems are extremely popular with many car owners. Though many cars have pre-installed systems, these add-ons are more flexible and better designed than the former. They are portable units that can be used in different vehicles, as required. Many of them also have Bluetooth connectivity and other technologies that make them simpler to update and use.


Intelligent Keys. Intelligent keys are the latest trends! Intelligent keys free the car owner from being stuck to using a physical switch to get the car started. These keys can automatically configure car seats and radio stations, as well as the mirrors according to the owner’s preference.

Alloy Wheels. Wheels are one of the first things people upgrade! Alloy wheels are an option that have a very positive impact on the handling and performance of the car and also add value in a very simple manner.


Heated/Air-conditioned Leather Seats. Keep cool on a hot summer day or stay warm on a bitter cold winter night with heated/air-conditioned seats!

Satellite Radio. Sirius XM is a must in today’s cars! A large percentage of consumers are spending a lot of money on electronic upgrades, and these offer a good return-on-investment at the point of sale. These may be satellite radio or even premium stereo packages and DVD entertainment systems

sat radio

Additional Updates. Body kits such as grills, running boards, fog lights, and legal window tinting or even taillight treatments are the updates that add can add value to your car.

What are some add-ons that you can’t live without?