10 Car Trends That Should Have Happened

In today’s day and age, it is easy to customize a vehicle to your liking. From the exterior to interior, electronics to wheels, clicks of the mouse and clanks on the keys, you can have your dream car built in no time! But what if you had the option of turning your minivan into a convertible? Here’s a list of car trends that should have happened but never did.

1. Customizable Horn – No, we don’t mean the Dukes of Hazard horn, but any sound you wanted! Imagine the sounds you would be hearing while riding down the road.

2. Hubless Wheels – Invented by Franco Sbarro, the hubless wheel offered light weight, great rigidity, and a great deal of other benefits. Although Franco has built a variety of working hubless vehicles, the hubless wheels never caught on. They are difficult and expensive to manufacture, requiring a great deal of precision machining, and the design leaves the bearings and other mechanical parts largely exposed to the elements.

build a car

3. Rotary Engine – Used as an alternative to conventional inline engines, the rotary engine was designed with an odd number of cylinders per row in a radical configuration, in which the crankshaft remained stationary, with the entire crankcase and its attached cylinders rotating around it as a unit in operation. The rotary has a substantial power-to-weight ratio, delivers smooth power, and has fast-moving airflow. Although the rotary engine was created mostly for aviation, a few cars were built with the rotary engine, including NSU Ro80 vehicle and a variety of Mazda vehicles such as the RX-series.

4. Modular Vehicles – A modular vehicle is one in which substantial components of the vehicle are interchangeable. The modularity is intended to make repairs and maintenance easier, or to allow the vehicle to be reconfigured to suit different functions. Want a convertible? No problem. Hard top? You got it. Canopy top? Why not.

5. Exhaust Whistle – Get a whistling exhaust to complement your customizable horn!

6. Three Abreast Seating – You could be the center of attention and take two friends along for a ride! (This will help resolve all of those fights over who gets shotgun)

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7. Side Pipes – Sure they have a propensity to immolate your legs, but they look cool while doing it!

8. Off-Road Sports Car – Imagine a vehicle with the power of the Ram 2500 Altitude and the looks of the K900.

9. Wagoning – Why not have the option to wagon-size every vehicle? Kia, Mitsubishi, or Chrysler? Who do you think would be the first to jump on the band wagon and have this option?

10. Convertible Mini Van – The practicality of the mini-van and the enjoyment of drop-top motoring! Could you imagine a convertible Kia Sedona?

What would you like to be able to customize in your vehicle?