Trading In Your Vehicle Offers Convenience over Selling Privately

When looking to buy a new car, you undoubtedly face many options. One option, in particular, is what you should do with your current car: trade it in or sell it privately. While there are a variety of factors involved in each scenario, we have some advice.

If you decide to sell your vehicle privately, then you are likely going to have to post an online ad or newspaper ad and wait for calls to come in. This means you will have to field calls from various people and negotiate the price with them—something that most people do not find too appealing. That being said, you will probably deal with many different people before you find one serious about the purchase. Is it possible to get more money selling privately than via trade in? Sure, it is. However, all that extra work likely won’t be worth any small gain. By trading your car in, you can complete the entire transaction of selling and buying a new car usually within a single day.

And at the Jim Shorkey Auto Group, with locations in Irwin, Uniontown, and East McKeesport, we are more than happy to help. Stop by one of our lots or give us a call—our team will be glad to chat with you about your trade-in and negotiate a price that works for you. With the trade-in completed and your new car selected, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is where you want to drive to first.

Car Buying at Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group

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