The Best Gifts for Car Lovers

Do you have a car enthusiast on your list of people to shop for this holiday season? If so, this is your guide to the perfect gift for him or her!

1. Car Dial Cufflinks – Just like some people wear their heart on their sleeve, car enthusiast wear car dials on theirs. The Set shown below features a gas gauge and the other a speedometer.


2. Top Gear: The Worst Car in the History of the World DVD – We were just as sad as any other car enthusiast was when Top Gear ended, but they have released a DVD that will still get your gears going. This DVD is the latest from Top Gear, and features the same fantastic cinematography, humor, and interesting cars that you’d expect from the TV series.


3 Leather Driving Gloves – To get the feel of the wheel, you need a good grip. That’s why it’s a no-brainer, every driver needs a good set of gloves.

4. Andy Warhol 300 SL Coupe Collectible Print/Poster – Pittsburgh’s own Andy Warhol is no stranger to elaborate cars. That’s why he created a poster any car fan can appreciate. The muse behind his masterpiece was the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300SL, this super-car was one of the fastest production car in the world.


5. Pirelli Exclusive Rubber Wrist Band Set – The formula one fans will appreciate this one. The set of rubber wrist bands are not only branded Pirelli, but they each have different labels describing the different types of tires used in formula one race, from soft, to rain.


6. Harley Davidson Remote Control Truck – Lets face it, it’s practically impossible to find an enthusiast who doesn’t appreciate a remote control car. This F-150 Harley Davidson Edition, is 1:14 scale, with rubber tires, and looks like a monster truck. This is the perfect gift for the car enthusiast on your list who are too young to drive a real one.


7. Drivers of a Lifetime: 500 of the World’s Most Spectacular Trips – Everyone has stories of their favorite road-trip that they love to share, so here’s a collection of the best places to go for a drive. This book by National Graphic showcases the top 500 destinations for a road-trip, and explains the best practices and agenda to plan a road trip.

8. Dirt 3 Video Game – This one is for the virtual enthusiast on your list, the latest video games provide a great blend and of simulation and fun. This game is a top choice for those with either an Xbox, Playstation, or even a gaming PC.

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