Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Test Drive

More and more, people are researching vehicles they’re interested in online, browsing online inventory, and even beginning the financing process before even entering our dealership. However, no matter how technologically advanced our lives become, there is one aspect of the car-buying experience that cannot be replicated online: the test drive.

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And most drivers are so excited to get behind the wheel of the car they’ve spent days, weeks, or months researching, that commonsense usually goes out the window. Well here at Jim Shorkey, we want you to make an informed, logical decision, so here are some tips to making the most of our test drive, whether your shopping for a new or used vehicle!

  • Schedule an Appointment. Admittedly, it can get a little hectic in the showroom, and we want to make sure you do not waste your time. Schedule an appointment with us, and we can have a car or cars ready for you to step into within minutes of arriving. You can find our contact information here.
  • Get to Know the Vehicle. Prior to getting behind the wheel, your sales associate will walk around the vehicle and talk about it with you. Pay close attention to make sure the features on the vehicle are the ones you are specifically looking for. If something’s missing from the vehicle (or there’s something extra), don’t be shy when asking about it.
  • Familiarize Yourself with the Captain’s Chair. Before you drive off, make sure you know where the headlight and windshield wiper controls are located, make note of how easy it is to access radio and climate controls, and check out the size of the glove compartment and center console storage areas. Glance in the mirrors and make sure your lines of sight are optimal.
  • Make Adjustments Before You Go. Adjust your seat, steering wheel, mirrors, and sometimes even the foot pedals before you drive off the lot. The last thing you want to be doing is trying to make adjustments on the fly in the middle of traffic.
  • Turn Off the Radio. Although a quality sound system is important to many shoppers, save testing out this feature until you have sufficient time behind the wheel. You’ll want the cabin environment to be as quiet as possible so you can better hear the engine, the smoothness of gear change,s and wind noise.
  • Parking and Turning Radius. How easy is it to maneuver your vehicle into a tight parking spot? As you wrap up your test drive, find a place to parallel park the vehicle and test out its turning radius.
  • Test Comparable Models the Same Day. If you plan on driving multiple vehicles before making your final decision, do your best to test drive each of the vehicles in the same day. This way, you’ll be able to easily compare each vehicle you drive so you can make an educated decision on which you’ll ultimately purchase or lease.

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