Bizarre Traffic Laws Around the World

Generally, laws establish order and make places safer to live and thrive. But what happens when laws don’t make sense? Check out these bizarre traffic laws that will have you scratching your head! What’s the weirdest law you’ve ever heard? Let us know in the comments.

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United States

In Denver, Colorado, you cannot drive a black car on Sundays.

In California:
1.Women are prohibited from wearing a bathrobe while driving.

2.It’s illegal to shoot at wild game from a moving vehicle, unless your target is a whale.

In Milford, Massachusetts, you’re not allowed to peep into another car’s window.

In Alabama, you’re not to operate a vehicle barefooted or blindfolded.


In Singapore, it’s against the law for a driver to come within 50 meters (approximately 164 ft.) of a pedestrian.

In Thailand, shirts are required when driving.

In Japan, if you splash muddy water on a pedestrian while driving, you will be heavily fined.


In Switzerland, you can’t wash your car on Sunday.

In Russia/Romania, you’ll be fined if you’re driving a dirty car.

In Spain, if you don’t have extra pair of glasses in the car at all times, even if you’re already wearing a pair, it is against the law.

Safety First: Tips to Stay Awake While Driving

Whether taking a road trip, driving to work, running errands, or stopping by any of our Jim Shorkey locations,  it is extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle when feeling sleepy or tired. But what can you do to stay awake? We offer some tips to help make North Huntingdon a safer place for you and your family!

tips to stay awake when driving, driving tips, alert driving

  1. Caffeine

Whether you brew your coffee at home or buy it on the road, drink it black if you can tolerate it. The coffee’s bitterness will provide a quick jolt before the caffeine even enters your bloodstream. As a backup, keep something like a 5-Hour Energy drink or NoDoz pills in the glove compartment.

  1. Healthy Eats

Keep a few snacks within reach, but make sure they’re healthy. Treats with less sugar tend to distribute energy at a more constant, even pace— rather than a jolt followed by a food coma.

  1. Bring a Buddy

A road companion is probably the best thing you can bring with you on a trip. Have your friend DJ or read to you throughout the ride, but mostly have your pal keep you honest when the sheep want to start jumping overhead.

  1. Be Cool

Warm, cozy temperatures are synonymous with the arrival of the sandman, so keep the vehicle just a few notches below your ideal temperature—though not enough to make it too uncomfortable.

  1. Facercise (Facial Exercise)

The hype around facercise is about reducing wrinkles and toning lax facial muscles, but it’s also great for waking up. Here are some techniques to get you started: hyper-extend your lower jaw, then wiggle it side-to-side; suck in your cheeks; open your mouth very wide, then tightly purse your lips; hyper-open your eyes, then raise your eyebrows; and then repeat the above or create some facercises of your own.

  1. Lane-Departure Warning Systems

For those with extreme road doze, consider investing in a car with a lane-departure warning system, which will notify you when the vehicle drifts out of its lane without a turn-signal indication.

  1. Take a Break

Even if you’re running late and still have a long stretch of driving ahead of you, make time for a break. When the scenery starts to lull you into a stupor, pull over—at a rest stop, preferably. It’s always better to arrive late than never at all.

Jim Shorkey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram’s Gridiron Challenge: Success!

A couple weeks back, Jim Shorkey Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram hosted the Ram Gridiron Challenge Fundraiser at McKeesport High School to help raise money for the school. We are proud to say we raised over $1,300! This past weekend, our own Sales Manager Jim Jenkins and Internet Manager Beth Robosky presented a check to Devon Harper on behalf of the Parents Boosters.

Ram Gridiron Challenge Fundraiser, Ram Pittsburgh

Check out pictures from the event below!

ram pittsburgh, ram north huntingdon ram pittsburgh, ram north huntingdon ram pittsburgh, ram north huntingdon photo 6 ram pittsburgh, ram north huntingdon

What to Do If Your Car Starts to Overheat

We’ve all been there—driving down the road and suddenly your car is overheating. Don’t panic! Just remember these helpful tips as you steer your scorcher of a car to one of our Jim Shorkey Service Centers.

what do to if your car overheats, overheated car, overheated car Pittsburgh

1. The first, and most important, step is to make sure that you always carry an extra bottle of coolant (antifreeze) in your car, as well as a jug of water. Engines typically overheat because the coolant is low, so topping off the coolant will usually solve the problem.

2. If your air conditioner is running and you see the temperature gauge slowly creeping into the red, or a notification goes off, turn off your AC immediately.

3. If the problem continues, crank your heater to full blast. This may make the next few miles brutal but the transfer of heat away from the engine may save your car and wallet’s life!

4. If the previous steps fail, and the problem still persists, pull over as soon as you can and turn off the engine. If you can, pop the hood from the driver’s seat. Do not pop the hood by hand, until the engine has cooled, especially if you see steam rising off of the engine.

5. Once the engine has cooled, check the coolant tank. If the coolant tank is empty, you may have a leak. Take a look under the car, if you notice a drip or a puddle, chances are the coolant tank is leaking.

If you do have a leak, carefully open the radiator cap. Place a cloth over the radiator cap to protect your hand, and tilt the cap away from you as it opens. Refill the cooled radiator with your spare coolant or water. Do not pour cold water into a still-hot radiator — it could cause the engine block to crack due to the sudden change in temperature.

If the coolant tank is full, the problem may be electrical or mechanical in nature, in which case a tow to the nearest Jim Shorkey Service Center is definitely in order. A leaking hose, worn or broken fan belt, bad water pump, or malfunctioning thermostat may be the culprit.

How to Store Your Car in the Winter: Tips and Advice

Do you have a car that you store away for the winter? Don’t worry, Jim Shorkey has you covered. Follow our advice, and your car will wake up in the spring with birds chirping and the bees buzzing.

car care tips, storing car for winter around Pittsburgh

Clean it Up. Your hot rod has accumulated dirt and road grime from driving it all summer long. Make sure before storing your car that you clean the interior and exterior of your vehicle. All that road grime can lead to corrosion and damage.

Keep it Covered. The ideal space to store your vehicle would be in a heated indoor space. If you don’t have a garage available, consider renting a storage facility. If that is not an option, you can also purchase weatherproof car covers that will keep your car clean and dry while it is stored.

Fill up the Tank. Don’t leave your car thirsty all winter long. Filling up your tank before storage will prevent moisture from accumulating inside the fuel tank and keep the seals from drying out.

Keep the Battery Charged. A battery that is not in use will eventually lose its charge. Start your car every two weeks and if possible, drive around for a few minutes. This will allow the battery to recharge and the car to maintain good working order.

Don’t Use the Parking Break. Although it is a good thing to use your parking brake, don’t use it when your car is in storage. If the brake pads are touching the rotors for too long, there is a chance that they might fuse. Instead of putting on the parking brake, you can use a tire stopper.

Prevent Tire Flat Spots. Make sure your tires are inflated to the recommended tire pressure. If a vehicle is not driven for a long time, the tires can develop flat spots from the weight of the vehicle.

Need a second vehicle while your car is in storage? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at our inventory!

The Importance of Routine Oil Changes

Sure, every car owner knows they have to get their oil changed. But maybe you’re really busy this week, or you’re waiting for payday, or you’re trying to stretch a few more miles out of the oil you currently have? Whatever the case, oil changes often fall on the backburner in terms of car maintenance. It cannot be that bad for your car, right?


Check out these photos of a car engine in which the car owner neglected to get oil changes:

service repair, car service pittsburgh, car care pittsburgh engine_01

Now, compare those to these photos of a well-maintained engine that received regular maintenance:

service repair, car service pittsburgh, car care pittsburgh service repair, car service pittsburgh, car care pittsburgh

It doesn’t take a well-trained and highly skilled auto mechanic to notice the difference between these two engines. We cannot stress enough the importance of proper vehicle maintenance, especially going into late fall and winter. Click here to schedule your service today at any of our convenient locations on Route 30 in North Huntingdon or Pittsburgh Road in Uniontown.

Dodge Dart, Kia Forte Deemed Top Tech-Savvy Cars Under $20,000

Our smartphone culture has spread to almost every aspect of our daily lives, including our cars. We want to sync and stream from the comforts of our cabin, and we want it at an affordable price! With this attitude, AOL Autos recently ranked the top tech-savvy cars under $20,000. And it came as no surprise to us that two Jim Shorkey cars made the list: the ultra-stylish 2014 Kia Forte and the sportiest of the sportiest 2014 Dodge Dart.

How the Kia Forte made this list:

Kia Forte, Kia Pittsburgh, Kia Forte Pittsburgh

The Kia Forte offers attractive styling, a refined interior and a great starting price. The Forte offers numerous comfort features, including dual-zone automatic climate control, HID headlights, LED taillights and power heated and ventilated leather seats. It can also be had with Kia’s UVO infotainment system, which provides the user with a clean, responsive interface. The system will even let you set a navigation destination from your computer and send it to the car.

How the Dodge Dart made the list:

Dodge Dart, Dodge Dart Pittsburgh

The Dodge Dart is a sporty little sedan that employs some great tech. The most notable tech feature on this car is its UConnect infotainment system, which is arguably the best in the business. Super fast, responsive and with a great easy-to-use layout, it makes controlling nearly everything in your car — from the climate to the radio to apps — a breeze. The screen is also the largest in this class of vehicle at 8.4 inches.

Feeling inspired? Give us a call—on your smartphone, perhaps—and schedule a test drive for one of these awesome vehicles today!

Five DIY Car Maintenance for the Upcoming Fall Season

Fall is here, which means shorter days and cooler temperatures. We always recommend bringing your vehicle into one of our Service Centers to ensure it’s running in top shape this time of year, but to help prepare your car for the demands of the coming driving season, we have five, simple do-it yourself car maintenance tips for a smoother and safer drive around Pittsburgh.

  1. Generally, wiper blades are used more frequently in the fall and winter. They take a lot more abuse from road grime and windshield-washer solvent, so it’s best to have your wiper blades replaced annually every fall. Fortunately, replacing wiper blades as part of car maintenance is very easy and requires no tools. They cost from $10 to $20. Note: some cars will require same-sized blades for the driver and passenger sides, while others will require a longer blade for the driver-side wiper.winshield wipers, DIY car maintenance, car care tips, service tips, car service tips
  1. Check your spare tire to ensure that it is properly inflated. The typical space-saver spare tire found in some cars must be inflated to the inflation pressure listed on the side of the tire. A tire pressure gauge costs $7 to $20. Tire pressure drops one PSI, or pound per square inch, for every 10-degree drop in temperature, according to AAA, so check your tires on a weekly basis. The proper inflation pressure will generally be listed in your vehicle’s owner manual and/or noted on a sticker located on the driver’s doorjamb.
  1. In colder seasons, windshield-washer fluid needs to be replaced with a solvent that is suited for use in cold weather. The washer fluid costs $2 to $4 per gallon, depending on the brand and whether it has antifreeze mixed in. Checking the brake-fluid reservoir is also a good idea. If the level is low, top it off with the appropriate type of brake fluid ($3.50 to $17 per container, depending on the type).
  1. At a minimum, engine air filters ($11.50 to $53 per filter, depending on brand) should be replaced twice per year as part of car maintenance. So, if you haven’t done so already, replacing your car’s air filter is a good idea. When an air filter reaches the point where it causes enough of a pressure drop to restrict airflow, the car’s fuel economy, performance and emissions begin to deteriorate, getting progressively worse until the dirty filter is replaced. Car air filters, DIY car maintenance, car care tips, service tips, car service tips
  1. Many electrical issues and ignition problems stem from loose or corroded battery connections. If you notice corrosion on the posts or cable connectors, use an appropriate brush ($4 per brush.) This is a very inexpensive, yet handy tool that you can get at any auto parts store. And clean both (posts) completely, and then reconnect everything securely. As part of regular car maintenance, and for safety, make sure all of the car’s lights are working; it’s important for you to see, as well as be seen, during autumn’s longer and darker nights. Headlight bulbs range in price from $14 to $27 for a single bulb to $25 to $50 for a dual pack.