Five Safety Features Every Vehicle In North Huntingdon Should Have

Traction Control (TC) Systems

The traction control is also known as ASR or Acceleration Slip Regulation. This is especially useful for Pittsburgh drivers, when the roads are slippery and wet in the harsh winters. When the driver moves at an accelerated speed, this feature will help cope with the torque. The result is that friction of the tires against the pavement will be reduced.

Automatic Headlights

When driving at night, with little to no light, it is important to be cautious of your surroundings. You won’t be able to clearly see other vehicles around you. Instinctively as an experienced driver, you may turn on the bright headlights. In some updated cars nowadays, however, you don’t have to do this manually. A lot of newer car models have light sensors that detect the necessity for more light.

Tailgate Step

Tailgate steps are needed for all truck owners who are relatively older and those who have a hard time getting on the back of pickup trucks.

Anti-Lock Brakes

When you often jam the brakes, you may find the anti-lock braking system a lifesaver as the car uses electronic controls to stop your wheels from locking. So without rotating, you can steer around with longer braking distance even while applying maximum brake force. Same as the TC systems, these anti-lock brakes are more effective when driving on slippery roads. Keeping them handy gives the benefit of steering around obstacles during emergency braking.


Airbags are essential in any car to avoid injuries when driving. When head-on collisions occur, airbags protect your head and chest as they provide buffer by instantly inflating during a frontal collision. There are also side airbags that protect your upper body, and these are deployed when there’s impact on the sides.

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